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PopUp Show - Past.Present.Future

Running through Saturday 3rd February BienCuadrado presents an ephemeral pop up exhibition featuring a selection of our favorite artists from 2017 and presenting a taste of our planned exhibitions for 2018.

Simon Vazquez - Raw Cabaret Sculpture Exhibition

This idiosyncratic shows presents a selection of artists whose works are as varied in styles as they are in their use of materials. From the delicate works using paper and goache of Rithika Merchant to the 'brutalism' of Simón Vázquez's sculptures this exhibitions brings together disparate styles and artists, reflecting the direction of our gallery as a dynamic space committed to displaying a wide variety of styles.

2017 has been a great year for us in Bien Cuadrado and we're so pleased that two of our exhibitions this year have featured in Opening Barcelona and Artssspot's comprehensive best of list, Art Seen in 2017. Of our four major exhibitions in 2017 both Rithika Merchant and Kristin Sagli. As part of our PopUp Show we're giving you one more chance to see their works side by side. Both Kristin and Rithika are two of Barcelona's rising stars in the art worlds. Why not take a look through the Art Seen in 2017 list and see what you think?

Alongside these great artworks the show features original pieces from one of our favorite artists Ashwan. His works, be they small or large, always have a powerful effect on any space they are places as they draw the viewer and the light towards them with each pieces shimmering and shinning under a totally different light.

Completing the compliment in the gallery we present works by two new artists we are working with. Chilean Op Artist Alessia Innocenti prepares for her solo show in our space this summer by giving us a sneak peak at a couple of here pieces. The geometric precision of Alessia's work is contrasted by Fazryn Anuar's batiks, as a loosely defined form appears to be geometrically symmetrical. On closer inspection these patterns are seen to be carefully painted free hand, using only environmentally sustainable dyes and waxes. These works, while hugely different, sit happily alongside each other as the artists use of colurs and textures illuminates our space.

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