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BienCuadrado is a creative space in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter co-directed by Aidan McGovern and Richard Ashcroft (Ashwan).

​Since opening in 2016, the space has developed into one of the city's most exciting and non-formulaic gallery spaces.  More than just a gallery, ​BienCaudrado has organically evolved into a meeting point for artists and collectors through exhibitions, events and studio spaces. An ‘​open door’ approach encourages visitors to engage with artists from idea to fully realised exhibitions. This dialogue makes for a unique and dynamic cultural energy.

Many of our artists are relatively new to exhibiting art, though have worked professionally in various arts fields for many years. Each artist has a very different background from the next. Mostly from outside Catalunya and in fact even outside Europe.

These factors combined can make it difficult for galleries to dedicate solo shows to such artists, but at BienCuadrado we have taken pride in being able to do so and many of our artists have had their first solo show in Spain with us.

In the coming year, we hope to help build the reputation and careers of each of our artists.  We hope you will join us on this journey and watch each journey unfold.  A fantastic way to help with that journey would be to follow us on social media at @BienCuadrado  and sign up for our mailing list on the contact page.

Thank you!

The Team BienCuadrado
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