BienCuadrado is going to Urvanity 2020!

27th of February - 01 March, 2020

BienCuadrado is very happy to announce that we will be taking part in Urvanity 2020.
This is our inaugural art fair and feel very much like Urvanity is the perfect fit. Urvanity is a fair we have visited and admired for a few years now. It has a great energy and both the participating galleries and the visitors have a funky dynamic about them that we love. The people are real and their passion for art is real.

Urvanity pitches itself as a 'New Contemporary Art Fair' which is kind of a funny concept, but we can relate to it! The art world is changing. Artists are building careers without the help of the mega galleries and a new art world order is being established. 
Many urban artists have more followers and collectors than artists showing with big name galleries. They have built their audience independently and yet some galleries don't have the trust or confidence in them (or perhaps they feel it clashes with their brand) despite the quality of work being excellent. Banksy, Shepard Fairey Okuda and so many more are evidence of this. Banksy has often alluded directly to this division in his work, yet is arguably one of the worlds most important living artists.

At BienCuadrado we are proud that we have a similar philosophy and while it was not a conscious decision, it is not a coincidence that many of the artists we show had their first opportunity of solo show´s in Spain with us.

So join us as we present four of our artists: Ashwan, Alessia Innocenti, Rithika Merchant and Kristin Sagli . Come and help us celebrate the occasion and wish us luck as we use this as a platform to build an interesting future for ourselves and our artists.

We hope to see you there!

...and what´s next?

Coming soon:

MagdaCwik mural