BienCuadrado is proud to present our latest exhibition featuring Barcelona's Urban Shaman, Juan Carlos Valdiviezo Ramirez.

The exhibition will be curated by Charlotte Lydia Stace and will present sculptural works that directly address the psychological and spiritual stresses that occur when a modern, western society collides with fundamental human needs and social demands.

Sexuality, the subconscious, freedom of thought and expression are just some of the issues addressed in this powerful exhibition. 

Our first encounter with this Urban Shaman came not in person but through his amazing ceramic and gesso sculptures pasted high on the corners of almost every street corner in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. Urban art taken to a new level and sophistication.

Intriguing in design and reinforced by their choice of location and technique, these beguiling sculptures have entered the urban folklore of the city as well as it's historical archives (a story we cannot expand on here...Ask us about it in the gallery!). Take a look up as you walk around the city: that skull you see, that baby face appearing out of a vagina or most famously that female torso, perhaps with child or perhaps an enormous, enraged clitoris all watching over us as charms to help quash negative energies such as toxic masculinity and help guide society on a safe and positive path. 

In this exhibition Juan Carlos battles with the evils of anxiety, depression, stress, expectation, desire and more in an attempt to find balance, harmony and humour. Come and enjoy the battle with us and partake in workshops, artist talks and studio visits. 
We hope to see you!

The exhibition will open on 04th of September and run through to 02nd of October, 2020.

Due to the fragile nature of the work and the Covid 19 pandemic, numbers inside the gallery will be limited at any one time.

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...and what´s next?

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