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Stray dogs, street lights and spraycan stories: fairy tales based on fact, fiction and folly.

With paint on his hands, Reb.MWC was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Hellas (Greece).

Reb started to vandalize walls before he could walk, but later followed a path of classical drawing and byzantine painting. 

After seeing STYLEWARS for the first time in 1991,  Reb began to focus on the phenomenon of graffiti. Further academic studies of graphic and architectural design follow, along with organising graffiti jams, designing record covers, illustrating comics, tattoos, fanzines, etc. etc.

In August 2002, Reb established the only Graffiti/Street Art shop in Thessaloniki, MWC Graffiti and Design, where he was director until 2017.

Reb has participated widely in graffiti festivals and exhibitions such as Chromopolis, Meeting of Styles, Athens Biennale, Bunte Brettl (Munich), Famagusta Film Festival, Kvadrart Stockholm and more

Beside schools and street walls, Reb’s work can be found on many corporate and commercial walls such as  TITAN cement Thessaloniki, Goethe Institute Athens, German School of Thessaloniki, institute le Francis Thessaloniki, mercado de la Barceloneta, Biblioteca de Sant Adriá de Besós (Barcelona) etc...

In October 2015 Reb finished his biggest project to date at TITAN Thessaloniki, directing and realizing a scenery of over 2.500 sq/m on the surface of a cement plant building. This wall is so large it can be seen by commercial aircraft flying overhead!

At this moment Reb is painting the walls of Barcelona working as a freelance artist, seeking new projects and collaborations and wishing to everyone a colourful life.

The vision, aesthetic, technique and style Reb conjurs up are a mix of ideas and colors: the mentality of a graffiti writer with influencies of classic and impressionist painting; the view of the graphic designer, perception of the tattoo artist with a twist of comic art: a piece of art in public or private spaces, should fit in with the surroundings like a jewel or memorial in a modern metropolis.

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