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Framing Postcards: The Execution of Lady Jane Grey - Paul Delaroche.

Paul Delaroche - The Execution of Lady Jane Grey (1833)

Framed Postcard Execution of Lady Jane Grey - Fine Art

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey is an amazing oil painting on display in the depicting the moments before the execution of Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days' Queen, as John Brydges gently directs her head towards the wooden plinth over which her blood would spill.

For years I have been visiting Galleries and collecting postcards of my favorite historical artworks. When they are framed up they look amazing and always help me remember a little moment in time. Not just in terms of contemplation over each artwork, but in terms of who I was with, when I was there, and possibly what I had for lunch.

Fine Art Framing : Interior Decoration and Design

This particular frame is simple but with a deep rebate it helps the postcard stand out from any wall. Using a double passepartout the artwork is weighed in a bottom heavy mount. This was a common and classical way of mounting artwork that prevailed from the 19th century on wards, emerging from a tradition of hanging pieces in rooms with high ceilings to offset the optical illusion of looking up at a painting. While only a postcard I decided to maintain this classical style on this small piece to give it a slightly different look for such a small frame. Simple tricks to help artworks stand out in their surroundings.

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