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"Same Type Game" - by Ashwan (Numbered and Signed Limited Editions of 100)
Photography printed on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag® paper.

Price: €90 (unframed) €140 (framed)

Dimensions: 30 x 42 (unframed) 50 x 48 (framed)

As part of Ashwan's "It Was All A Dream" series the artist installed a number of large text pieces across the city of Barcelona. Taking inspiration from the processes of creative destruction in the post-industrial city Ashwan's work juxtaposes the decay of the urban environment with the creativity of urban cultures born from decline and destruction. Each pieces features a line or phrase from classic hip hop tracks.

These prints are part of Barcelona based British artist Ashwan's 'It Was All A Dream' series. Installed across the city of Barcelona these large scale text pieces quote classic hip-hop juxtaposed against the decay of the urban environment.

This piece features lyrics from Mos Def's (Yasiin Beye) "Ms. Fat Booty".

"Same Type Game"

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