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Exciting Opportunity - Studio space available in the heart of Barcelona

Its always with mixed emotions when we announce we have studio spaces as it means one of our artists has moved away for whatever reason. In this case we are losing our beloved Mattie who has worked in the space for the last 2 years. Mattie brought about a lot of vitality and even more colour to BienCuadrado and we will miss having her around.

The flip side is that we get new energy and new dynamic into the space! If you´d like to be making art in the city centre, amongst like minded individuals, we currently have a small studio space (approx. 4x2.5m), to which you will have 24h access. It is a divided space in a larger room, but has 4 wall areas to work/display your pieces on.

BienCuadrado has a gallery space in the front section of the building and holds regular exhibitions and events that often draw curators and collectors in to the studio areas where they can see the studio artists work.

Does this sound exactly like the set up you are looking for and would like to know more?

please do not hesitate to contact us:

or DM us on social media @BienCuadrado

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