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Opening Night - "We Used To Do It Out In The Park" - Ashwan

Thanks to everyone who came down for a fun and successful opening night of 'We Used To Do It Out In The Park' a little over a week ago (I know, I’m very late saying thank you). The exhibition features many of Ashwan’s latest resin works, alongside large 3D text pieces paying homage to some of hip-hops legends, embracing a colour pallet that is stained by rusts and the feeling over a bygone era. As an exhibition that deals with the post-industrial city and the creative destruction of the 80’s into the 90’s, Ashwan has always had his finger on the pulse and kept himself close to the ground.

On this occasion we were lucky enough to have a good friend of Ash’s, Eduardo Doors, come along and document the event, capturing the movement and flow between the street and the gallery. Something for us that is very important. Keep abreast of what’s going on over the next few weeks and keep an eye out around Barcelona for the latest of Ashwan’s text pieces.

For the moment I will leave you a selection of Eduardo's photos. And remember, "We Used To Do It Out In The Park" will remain open until the 18th of August. Just check our hours or send us a message to organise a viewing.

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