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C215 Bank Note Series Framed
David Bowie - Ash Picture Frame
Donald Duck - Delft Blue Simple Fram
Swans - Double Passepartu Frame
Twin Peaks Framed Print

Contemporary Framing Designs

Whether you are framing fine art or a your favorite poster a picture framers job is to compliment each piece. These frames all have a modern touch, where colour palette and patterns are tailored to fit each piece. 

Gold Leaf Classic Picture Frame
Maya Venkova Cyanotype Framed
Street Art Photography Framed
Gold Leaf Classic Picture Frame
Wedding Custom Photo Frames
Gold Leaf Classic Picture Frame
Maya Venjova Exhibition Framed

Classic Frames for Home and Exhibition

A good picture frame preserves and shows off your memories and tastes. From the simple and elegant to the flamboyant and decorative, your choice of molding and mount should always say something about the art, the owner and the space it is hung.

Cassese FC 300 R Super Framing Saw
Glass Cutting
Euro Technics Underpinner
Tools of the Trade - Framing Tool Ra
Picture Framing Workspace Barcelona
Cutting Glass for Custom Frames
Cassese FC 300 R Super Framing Saw

In the Studio

At Bien Cuadrado's gallery space we also make all our own frames. In the front of house you will find outstanding contemporary exhibitions, while in back we are a workshop. This creates a unique atmosphere in the space which is both exhibition space and a working studio.

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