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Dogged - a group exhibition opening December 10th, 2020

In a year dogged by Covid 19, terrorism, police brutality and systemic racism to name but a few, Art has persisted and thrived.

The dogged determination of artists to continue making art and attempt to reverse or reflect their situations (or psyche) in relation to the above challenges has been remarkable.

BienCuadrado has also faced some challenges this last year, but feel we are closing 2020 with strength and optimism as we are proud to bring to you a show combining work from the new artists working in our space and some others we plan to be working with in the near future.






























BienCuadrado resident artists Ashwan, Balu, Dante Arcade, Juan Carlos Valdiviezo Ramirez, Mugraff and Reb.MWC will each present work along with Simon Vazquez, Julien Unavista Deniau and Juanjo Suarace.

Many of these artists have grown through the trajectory of 'urban art' in one way or another where the term 'dogged' can also carry significant meaning. Perhaps this tenacity is in part due to these learned and earned experiences.


Join us from December 10th 2020, through to January 16th, 2021.

Due to the changing restrictions, we intend to have a 'soft' opening. It is best to notify us when you intend to visit. Opening hours will not be fixed, but by appointment via email or direct message through the web page or instagram.


we hope to see you!

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