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We Used To Do It Out In The Park - Ashwan


Join us for a celebration of DIY and old school, analogue cultures in our latest show: 'We Used To Do It Out In The Park.'

Ashwan re-uses discarded cardboard boxes and transforms them in to large scale mixed media pieces, encased in resin. The resulting metamorphosis creates a simultaneous sense of post-industrial urban degeneration and a tribute to the rebel subcultures that added colour to these environments.

The desire to be heard and to make a mark on a society that was no longer listening, Ashwan's art harks back to a period where the urban breakdown resulted in an explosion of colour amid growing social divides. Bastard remnants of a Reaganomic era, scribed through our cities against the will of many, only to now be commodified and celebrated by the elite. Except here, the environment itself is equally enjoyed, with rusted surfaces, oxidised copper and sense of physicality and passing time.

Hovering between 2 and 3 dimensionality, these works conjure images of a broken Berlin Wall or a section of 1970's Bronx left untouched for decades.

'We used to do it out in the park' references and celebrates a bygone era with sincerity and nostalgia...join us, as we take it back.

'We Used To Do It Out In The Park' runs from the 9th of June to the 18th of August. 

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