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Lush - Kristin Sagli b. 1977



BienCuadrado is extremely proud to present the first solo show of Swedish artist and animator Kristin Sagli. 

In what could be seen as a departure from her professional practice, Lush embodies an investigation that has been ongoing in her personal work for many years. Her intricate drawings seduce us to a world of voluptuous abstract forms, mingling with flora and fauna. The viewer suddenly finds themselves in Alice's own shoes, navigating these Wonder-landscapes, where anything can appear in the corner of ones eye.

The processes are equally curious, and intertwined. Originating as pencil sketches without pre-planned composition or idea, the vines organically begin to wrap around first the page, the artist and then the viewer, slowly squeezing tighter as they grow. Later a blush may be added, a pastel tinge that can hint at life in a delicate skin, a precious hue you might expect only of sakura blossom. These layers are gently airbrushed in digitally, layer by layer, as if by a renaissance painter. At times further layers are added, only to extend the investigation. In a fascinatingly solid and natural series, it is not clear at which point the work begins or ends, neither through process or design.

Lush is open by appointment only until May 4th. Exhibition will close on May 7th so don't hesitate to drop us a line if you wish to arrange a viewing.

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