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17x10x4 cm

Cast Plaster of Paris and Spray paint


When you look at the walls and doors in the gothic area of Barcelona, you see a lot of graffiti, stickers and wheatpaste artwork, but for the few who look up and look a little harder, they may have noticed these sculptures. Urban myths have developed surrounding these. Mis-information about them being linked to the occult is spread by some local tour guides. Stories about how they appear on street corners where really bad things have happened to people historically in the city couldn’t be further from the intent of these talismen. Perhaps the term ‘taliswomen’ could even be applied, as these pieces have been blessed by an urban shaman to help neutralize toxic masculinity in the city streets. Juan Carlos Valdiviezo Ramirez is the author of these Venus charms that help to avert  and neutralize this negative energy. 


The pieces are cast in plaster of paris and finished with either gold or flourescent spray paint.

Street Venus - by Juan Carlos Valdiviezo Ramirez

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