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Magda Ćwik

Magda Ćwik (b.1981) is a multidisciplinary artist from Rzeszów (Poland) who creates work that visually bridges the gap between contemporary graphic design and what we often think of as classic surrealism. 

Best known for her large scale street art murals that are playful and monumental in equal measure, Magda´s experimental and investigative desire is also taking her into the realms of installation and digital arts.
Pictorially, her simplified landscapes are reminiscent of Max Ernst or Giorgio DeChirico while the saturated colour palette brings to mind The Beatles animation, 'Yellow Submarine'. Stylistically some of the characters also seem to follow this path. The resulting work leads you into another world and takes you on a journey with no beginning and no end.

Magda´s subject matter is focused on topics such as inner transformation, energy frequencies, awareness of the human energetic system, climate change, gender equality and environmental issues. She uses ambiguity to maintain an open interpretation of moods, feelings, desires and interpretation. Metaphysically, she is helping the world paint it's way towards a more optimistic future.

Recently Magda has been working with Amnesty International, Urban Forms Foundation, Seat/Primavera Sound Festival, I Support Street Art and Art on Postcard UK.

Her murals have been featured by Montana Colors, Brooklyn Street Art, I Support Street Art, Street Art 360 and Behance.

Magda is currently living and working in Barcelona, Spain.

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